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Bedini Bugyal

Sreya Mantena
June 6th 2018 Bedni Bhugyal - Patar NauchaniBecause the climate wasn't stable in our next destination, we stayed back in Bedni Bhugyal till lunch, and then started when the climate got better. Luckily we got to spend some more time in the Bhugyals. After some hot maggi, we went on a stroll in the meadows. One point in the meadows is that, how far ever you go, you can easily be seen, except when clouds pass by.After lunch, we started our trek to reach Patar Nauchni. The first half of the trek was a steep climb, nearly for 6-7 km and then got better.It was really hard to capture pictures as every scene was extraordinary and taking pictures of them all, would just leave you behind the trek group. Natural lakes, horses racing and playing around, small temples in perfect locations - its hard to take your eyes off and to leave the place, and more over trying to capture them would mean missing to enjoy the moment. The last part of the trek that day was very smooth, I can say the easiest path of all !
Shanu Thakur
Altitude: 3354 mts/11000 ft Grade: Easy Season: Mid June — OctoberConsidered as the most salubrious trek in Garhwal, it is truly a place that is worth a visit. Known throughout the world as one of the most romantic trek expeditions, the vista and the magnificence of the Great Himalayas, certainly, amaze you. The entire trek comprises of undulating meadows, alpine forests and high altitude grasslands. These together make the trek an immeasurable blissful experience.
Rakesh Malik
Day 4We woke up at 6 and started by 8 after breakfast. It’s 12 km trek with 1200 ft ascent. Destination is Bedini. First 4 km is step ascent. then about 2 km is mild ascent to Auli Bugyal, largest Bugyal (Alpine meadow) of India. For lack of trees this it’s generally hard to breathe in this area. Finally by 3 pm we reached Bedini Bugyal. One of our companions showed symptoms of AMS here, so he was sent down to Wan village on mule on instant. Medic told us to drink as much water as we can to prevent headache or AMS. Rain started again this evening.
Salman Faris
Bedini TrekI woke up to the chirping sound of the birds around. I was surprised to see people already up and sipping their morning tea. I brushed and had my share of the tea. One could easily feel the waves of excitement in the camp. It's Bedini! We would have to leave as early as 7 am. We quickly had our breakfast, packed the lunch in the tiffin box and left Didna. The camp leader walked with us for quite a distance and bid goodbye to us. It is a 12 km trek to scale 12000 feet altitude.
Paraj Singh
Day 4 – Didina to Bedni Bugyal:Day 4 began at 5, with little to guide us except starlight and torches. We made our way through dense forests of oak and birch with every step over dew and moss. It wasn’t until 10AM that we saw the sun for the first time that day, as it peaked over the edge of the mountain we were on. Armed with Electral infused water and trekking poles, we finally made it past the last tree onto the open meadows called Ali Bugyal.Kundan chacha was a delight to talk to and he would throw in a fact of mythological significance every now and then. Ali Bugyal was the beginning of Lord Shiva’s garden leading up to Mount Kailash, he said. And what a garden it was. Vast, green meadows as far as the eye could see and a carpet of grass perfect enough to make any landscaper pick a new career. We spent about 20 minutes ambling about like circus animals who’d just been released into the wild. Only difference being we took a lot of pictures for our FB walls. (Me included)