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3. Deoban: Forest Trek and a Stay in forest.4. Mundali: For Trekking and SkiingRecommendationsTo commute: Personal Vehicle or Personal Cab, as many small and dazzling spots can't be missed.To Stay: Prefer to stay in Ramtal Resort if not experienced in camping, As it is a hill top, you might encounter gale.Essentials: Sports Shoes, Raincoat or waterproof Poncho, Sunglasses, Extra pair socks, torch, water bottle, Power Bank And Obviously A good camera to capture amazing viewsContact Me:Instagram: @travelling_tomorrow or #travelling_tomorrowEmail: gagan.unbreakable@gmail.comTripoto: Gagan Sharma (travelling_tomorrow)
Chetali Dh
"Deoban" elevated at 10000 ft and and is around 12 kms from Chakrata. It's the highest point in Chakrata. For almost four months Deoban remains close, or I should say is non-accessible due to heavy snowfall; mid of November to almost entire February. The entire route to Deoban is earthy and full of gravel.