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Bibek Prasad
We got our local guide, filled our grocery stock for the five day trek and reached to the place from where the actual trek was about to start via local cab and ofcourse the route was amazing. The music in the cab and the route was a complete bliss for me.And so finally the cab dropped us, even though it could have travelled a bit more, we preferred to walk carrying our rucksucks on our back. From rough roads to no roads, we were climbing up with our Rucksacks On, passing the small waterfalls, farms and villages. Our guide Ashish Farswaan was a very polite and innocent Pahadi guy. We took stay at his home Inroute and were offered chai by his mother. Their after the climb was getting little tougher and the inclination was rising slowly .
Chanchal Jetha
We travelled till Dhak on Bus and from there our journey upwards began, Within few mins of our climb uphill with our heavy backpacks resisting our each foot forward all of us realised this is not going to be an easy climb!
Aarush Tandon
Dhak was the starting point for the trek. Due to some unavoidable circumstances we were not able to take the usual itinerary.Every experienced trekker would tell you that the hardest part is starting up. The experienced ones are able to handle themselves while the beginners have difficulties, they were helped out by the trek leaders.
” TREK Poles taken? Water bottles filled ? Packed lunch taken ?” were the words that fell on our ears ? Each one of us quickly made mental checks. Some like me, did a physical check. ” Are you ready to go ?” we stopped our clumsy movements and looked up. “Are you ready to go ? ” he yelled again. This time the question hit us like a brick. It was time to start. Start our first High Altitude Trek into the Himalayas. The past three months quickly flashed in front of our eyes and disappeared. The preparations, the dreams we had, the stories we had imagined. We were all set and raring to go. “YES !!!!” was the response he got. A YES so loud it made the mules around us shudder.A dusty trail was ahead of us. Clear skies, sun beating down relatively easy at that time of the morning. Snow capped peaks in the distance kept shining sharply. Each time we looked up to pause and catch our breath, the peaks looked even more beautiful. Taking ‘one step at a time’ we began covering serious ground, or at least we thought so, till we reached a sharp turn and climbed up onto the same trail slightly higher up. “Alright, we take a break here !” and we sneaked behind each other into a small retreating place on the trail. The small shelter was probably made by the villagers to protect them from snow, rain or sun like in our case. The mountain winds quickly cooled us down. The trek had just begun but the intensity was pretty clear. Barely able to smile we gathered ourselves for a few group pictures against the snow capped peaks.
Samudra Sengupta