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Gharoli Patal

Jaiveer Yadav
It can be broken into two parts- one from Lohagunj to Gairoli Patal (6km) and second from Gairoli Patal to Bedni Bugyal(4km). The path upto Gairoli Patal passes through forest and a lot of water streams will pass on the way. It is a very good campsite and you can camp there if you want.
Leo Saldanha
Day 1 : Ghaeroli Patal - 10,000ft.First day of the trek and I am beat. The OCD in me was making me count all my footsteps. But the amount of water I had to drink has made me forget it. All that matters at this point is the crunching of leaves under my feet. And if I trek long enough the crunching beneath my scuffed up boots will be ice and snow. Even longer and my feet will be soaked by puddles from melted snowmen and narrow paths.Perhaps, I'll keep on moving until I'm bathed with sunny rays of the summit. Well, after hours of consistent walking through a forest, I crossed a river so fresh. Beautiful weather, peaceful ambience and peeping mountains made me realise how every step I took was worth. Worth a million steps.
Aman Sharma
Day 2 is where the trek begins. We have breakfast, take our snack provided by Indiahikes and set off to a one hour drive to Wan. This is where we start trekking, our destination for the day - Ghairoli Patal. For me the first day was the hardest day of the trek although it wasn't a lot of distance to cover neither was it very steep. I probably found it hard because it had been long since I last went for any trek. The first day we were in the forests all the time. We were surrounded by oak and rhododendron trees. We crossed a small stream of river where we sat down and chilled for some time and had the snack provided to us.
Raj Doshi
On the first day, with a shimmering sun above us, we walked through the woods, crossed a river, ascended from 7500 ft. to 10500 be greeted with a beautiful view of Mt. Trishul from Ghaeroli Patal (Our 1st camp site). We collected some woods from the forest for our bonfire, set camp and winded up for the day.