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Kilbury Forest Rest House

We were not prepared for such surprise for sure. "Weren't you scared"? I asked him, to which he replied "I wanted to take their pictures, but they were too quick." Gosh! Too adventurous he is at times.With a heart beating fast and an eventful day, we headed back to the rest house gate. Kilbury is superbly awesome place for every nature/adventure lover or photo enthusiasts.Advisable for readers--Wear good quality sports shoes for the jungle terrain and also in case you need to run away from a wild beast. (hehe kidding)-Wear earthen or light colored clothes. This camouflages you in the trees and does not scare the birds.-Please maintain silence. You do not want to scare the birds away. Husband and I talked in hushed tone all the time in Kilbury!-Have a whistle with you. It will be handy to alert the authority/guards in case of emergency as mobile phone don't get network in forests.-Wear full sleeves clothes, to avoid mosquito or insect bites.-No smoking please! Not good for the jungle or your lungs. You do not want to light up a sudden fire!
The TwinTrippers
Day 1: So after having our breakfast, we set out for trekking. The caretaker of the lodge told us that we could choose our trekking trails as there were no specific trekking points. We took the concrete main road from Pangot to Kilbury bird sanctuary, which is now closed down. After walking for half an hour, we took the uphill road towards Kilbury forest is another 700 meters up from the main road. On the way, we met some forest rangers who were clearing the road which has been blocked by a fallen tree. They told us that there is rest house up in the hill and told us that Bird Sanctuary is closed down but one can go up and enjoy the view of forest there. The forest is covered with thick trees such as oaks, cypress, deodars etc and one can spot birds nearby too. It is around one hour trek of 13 kms. If you go down another 2 kms from the main road, you can see the mango shaped Naini Lake from there.