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Kuari Pass

Chanchal Jetha
The day where we trekked to the top point which was the most awaited day.As the sun rises higher, it lights up each peak of the Himalayan range, the view appears as if the mountains were catching fire progressively one after another.
Day 4: Day 4 was of mixed emotions. While we were happy that we would reach Joshimath and sleep in our hotel in a comfortable bed, the sadness was due to the fact that we had to travel 14Kms to reach there. Added to this was, we had to ascend 5Kms in the total distance. With breaks at regular intervals, we reached Auli. We reached Auli around 3:30 PM and from there it took us around 45 minutes to reach the hotel in the vehicle.The joy in each one of us as we reached the hotel was immense. Recalling the last 4 days sent shivers.In the night we met again and shared our experiences and feedback to the trek leaders Kamal and Lalit.Since we had come all the way from Bangalore, we planned to visit Bhadri, Did bungee jumping at Hrishikesh and attended the Ganga aarti at Haridwar to make good use of calendar. At the end of 10 days long trip, we cherished all the moments.
Day 2: Sleepless last night, the extreme cold weather and an early wake-up call by our trek leads at around 7 AM: in short, it was a bad start for the day. As soon as we woke up, we finished our daily business. Completing our daily business in the open system was something new for many of us. Within minutes, we were ready completing our daily chores.Around 7:30, Jeet headed the Yoga session. First, he taught us Suryanamaskar and then Kamal took us through few of the breathing exercises such as Pranayama, kapalabhaati. These helped us in improving our body condition overall and breathing exercises helped us on how to breathe in the high altitude region. After the yoga session, we headed to our dining hall and finished our breakfast. It included Bread butter jam, oats, omelet and also a black tea.We left our base camp around 8:30 to start our day 2 trek. The day 2 trek was important for the Kauri Pass group as it was their final destination. One good thing about this day was that the base camp at Gelad was at a shorter distance compared to the travel we did on day 1. However, we had to pass through our base camp to reach Kauri pass. By the time we reached base camp it was around 12 Noon. We offloaded our luggage and continued towards the Kauri pass with just 2 liters of water. It took us nearly 3 and half hours to come back to our base camp. Everyone was exhausted and hungry. Food awaited us and we were no late to fill our stomach.The weather was getting colder. My headache was now severe and trek leads gave me Paracetamol tablet. It did help me a bit but not completely. I and so was everyone wanted some sleep: at least a nap but our leads were strict enough not to let us sleep. They kept us engaged through the games and stories of various treks.The dinner was ready around 8PM. As soon as we finished the dinner, Jeet, the trek leader of Kauri pass bid adieu as the next day they were descending back to Joshimath.Kamal and Lalit explained us the day 3 details. As we heard the plan for day 3, we realized that it is going to be the toughest day.
Rohit kumar Singh Jadon
For my first trek of 2020, I decided to take the Kuari pass winter trek during end of December. The recent weather reports suggest that mountains in Uttrakhand will continue to receive heavy snowfall in the first weeks of January, so i figured this is the perfect time.
Rohan Modak
THIS was the best day of my life!! We got up really early and were ready at 7 to move towards summit point, as wished I decided to summit before all my team members, I started moving quickly. But Rahul bhaiyya said, “Till the broken bridge, Girls will go ahead of Boys.” So I chilled myself a little bit and enjoyed the beautiful view of the peaks- Nanda Devi, Dronagri, Kedarnath Peak, Chaukhambha. Wished I could have taken the view, the feeling they gave with myself back home. Watching this beauty all along the route, we reached the broken bridge. We saw a frozen stream through which climbers had made a way to the other end. It took few minutes to cross the bridge and reach the other end. I decided to quickly move ahead and summit the top first. Mohan and I were competing each other to reach first. Eventually I reached the summit at 12:11 PM and was the first to reach. I felt good to achieve what I planned and dreamed of. We ate our packed lunch and clicked a lot of selfies and pictures. Later, while descending it drained all the energy. It was a tough and tiring day. We came back to Tali top forest camp and had dinner. Team TTH had a surprise for us they brought a cake for NEW YEAR celebration. Special Thanks to Pushkar bhaiyya and Deepak bhaiyya for taking permission for camp fire for New Year celebration. We thanked God for such a wonderful 2016. Later, Deepak bhaiyya shared his mountaineering experiences with us.