Now here is interesting point that made my visit unforgettable. Before coming to Chakrata, I have done some R & D and found out that there is village called 'Lohari' (Lokhandi in local language) some 30km ahead of Chakrata and they were going to celebrate 'Bissu' festival that Saturday night. So we both discussed and decided to move further towards Lokhandi. We reached there at round 5pm and made a stay at guest house which was some 2-3 km before Lokhandi. The owner was the resident of village and I requested him to take us to that festival. He was happy to host us and agreed. We checked in the room and were so tired that we almost slept. It was pleasant weather in noon but as evening approached, we had to put on sweaters due to cold. At round 7pm, we joined owner 'Rohan' for festival celebration. The village was at lower elevation than guest house and one can see it from the road itself. The houses were made of woods. Rohan told us that the woods are of 'Devdaar' tree which is considered very sacred and due to which no footwear were allowed to enter the house. We moved further towards temple where the celebration was being held. The sight was so wonderful with all the guys dressed in white holding antique swords in hand and dancing and singing in group. The other ppl were chearing them up. We found a good spot to watch the dance and I found myself flowing with their music. And yes the music was so wonderful with old instruments. I asked Rohan about girls dance. He told that girls will be presenting in a short while. I was happy because I will be able to join the dancing stage with girls. And when girls turn came, I joined them, learnt their moves. It took me 10min to get their steps and after that I danced till half an hour with maintaining steps and enjoying music and looking up at the sky. Everything was lit at that moment. It was 9pm by that time and Rohan asked for dinner. He invited us to dine it at his house. We readily accepted the proposal and moved to his house. As told earlier, house was all made of Devdaar woods. We entered the room and first thing we found that the mat made up of wolves skin and the pair of antique swords. We had healthy chit chat with family and then came dinner time. The dinner was so authentic and we were highly impressed by the family's love. It was late night and now we had to go back to guest house. We moved outside and cold wind hit us. It was like Dec night. I was mesmerized by the sky full of stars and next chill wind hit me again and I was back to shivering. The family was gentle enough that it provided us with coats to protect us from chill wind. I was highly impressed by their act towards us. Such a lovely hospitality. We thanked the family and Rohan guided us to our guest house. It was 10-11 by then and we moved to bed in no time. The temperature was too low that I needed two blankets to keep me warm.