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Vivek XR
Day 5Everyone agreed to start early in the morning around 6A.M. Some people took ponies, a couple of them preferred Helicopter, rest took the route by foot and by 7–7.30A.M everyone left the campsite. Since everyone had started on time, we were hoping to reach Govindghat by 10A.M. I along with my tent-mates reached Pulna by 9–9.30A.M and there were no signs of anyone else. I smelled something fishy. Nature was making its plans. We waited for about 2 hours, till everyone arrived and we departed for Badrinath around 11.30A.M.Badrinath is 25 km from Govindghat and except that one patch, the whole road is just awesome. B.R.O has maintained it very well and you'll hardly encounter any broken patches on it. Even after starting way behind the schedule, the situation still seemed under control as we could manage to return by 4P.M. But as I said, natured was making its plans. We reached Badrinath around 1.30P.M and the temple was closed. Later, we found that the temple closes everyday from 12–3P.M.What next? No one wanted to go back after coming so close. So we decided to visit Mana, India's largest village on that end which is just 4kms from Badrinath and return back by 3P.M. After reaching Mana, everyone was told to return back within half an hour but such orders hardly mattered. Folks were underestimating the risks and enjoying to the fullest. We were getting behind the schedule with every second passing by. After waiting for an hour at Mana, we came back to Badrinath around 3.15P.M.
Aastha Raj
माणा, एक ऐसा गाँव जहाँ दिव्यता का निवास है बद्रीनाथ से 10 मिनट की दूरी पर है माणा और वहाँ तक जाने वाला रास्ता ही बेहद खूबसूरत है। पहाड़ी कुत्तों का हमारी तरफ बढ़ना, सरस्वती के तेज़ प्रवाह से बहने की आवाज़, हर तरफ सेना के कैंप और एक विशाल गाँव जिसके दरवाज़े के बाहर लिखा है ‘द लास्ट इंडियन विलेज’। वहाँ मौजूद हर चीज़ हमें बता रही थी कि हम सब कुछ छोड़ कर कितनी दूर निकल आए हैं।
Visiting Mana VillageGet up early and witness the beauty of valley surrounded by mountains which are covered by clouds.
Akshay Parashar
There is small thatched hut where 3 saints live for 6 months. The hospitality they offer to any person who visits the lake is worth an experience. There is also a Baba named Mouni Baba who does not talk to anybody.You can have food which is offered by the saints and indulge in a happy conversation with them. They insist people who come there to stay for a day or two. If there is enough time and strength to endure the cold breeze, you are welcome to stay there(Though Blankets are provided by the saints to anyone who wishes to stay.) Once you are done resting we proceed back to Chakratirtha and stay back.Day-4 Usually people who do this trek generally make it a 5 day trek which would begin from, Mana to Lakshmivan, Lakshmivan to Chakratirtha, Chakratirtha to Satopanth and Back, Chakratirtha to Lakshmivan, Lakshmivan to Mana.But if your fitness levels are good enough and you can trek for a bit longer, then start the descent from Chakratirtha early in the morning and reach Lakshmivan by 11 am and then proceed towards Mana the very same day, and reach Mana by 5 in the evening. This way the trek can be completed in 4 days.
Akshay Parashar
Day-1. After having offered our prayers in the temple of Badrinath, proceed to the village of Mana, the last village of India towards the ITBP check-post, the distance of 3 Km from Badrinath to Mana can done on a taxi, generally hired from Badrninath bus and taxi stand.The trek starts from the temple adjacent to the ITBP Centre towards Lakshmivan, along the western banks of the gushing river Alakanada. This 8 Km trek is a pleasant one without much variations in height and altitude. One passes through the meadows, valleys and glaciers accumulated on those valleys which can be a little frightening sometimes. Walking along the banks of river Alakananda you immerse yourself with the picturesque valley. The scared Vasudhara falls can be seen throughout the trek to Lakshmivan .