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Nag Tibba trek

Aditya Arora
Some 3 hours later you see that the mountain has decided not go further up. It's let's you enjoy the views from its peak. There is flag post on a small platform that acts as a podium for you to stand up tall and proud of your achievements. The view is great and I won't post spoilers here, it's much more rewarding when you reach there not knowing what to expect.Somewhere amidst the mesmerizing experience, a thought comes to your mind. All that way that you climbed up in two days, has to be climbed down now, in one go (you stop at base camp for lunch). Your backpacks can be transported down for you via a porter or a khachar at Rs. 300 a piece (practically 300 per person) and it was no brainer for me to take the deal. Sitting on a khachar is not advisable for a downhill as the animal can slip and you don't need to be told what can happen in that case.For me the journey downhill was tough. I was tired and in pain. I was the last person in my group. Step by step I kept going somehow. Finally at around 5:30 PM I was on the road of Pantwari, where our travellers were waiting. My group was enjoying tea and Maggi as they weighted for me to arrive ;)The dropping point is Dehradun railway station, expect to reach there by 9 or even 10 depending upon the traffic. You can get down anywhere on the way if you have further plan. The route is via Mussoorie (read Kampty falls). We got down at the market near the railway station, found a decent hotel, took a hot water bath, ate loadful of dinner and went to bed. It's always nice to have a spare day after a tiring trip :)
Jaiveer Yadav
After having the morning tea, we left with the guide at 7 o'clock. The sun had just risen and the sky was still red. Dew was all around. We passed through the village, alongside the paddy fields and soon entered into the forests with high trees of pine.
Nikhil Aggarwal
Nag Tibba TrekNag Tibba deserves much more attention. This is one of the most underrated treks of Himalayas and its easy too. Just like Prashar you can complete it quickly without missing anything. Make sure you visit it during snow season to witness the place in its full glory.
Rupam Bhaduri
It was my third day of the break and I started my trek to Naag Tibba at around 7:30 am (which I must have started early). With little hopes of staying back at the peak, I packed some food for myself. The trek started with crossing a few village houses and buffaloe sheds. As I started birding, I realised that I am in a paradise of birds and it might take me the whole day just to reach the peak. I stopped my bird watching at around 10am to focus on the trek. To name a few, Himalayan Bulbul, Skimitter Babbler, Red billed blue magpie etc. were my lifers.Crossing several shepherds on my way, I realised that this trek for me is a day to day activity for the localities. Climbing uphill relentlessly, I reached a point of absolute solitude. I stood there for a while to refill water from a source and reenergise myself. Crossed were also a few points where tourists camp (pre booked camps) and also the infamous Goats Village. Surprisingly, I was the only traveller that day on the trek. Enjoying conversation with the locals passing by, I learned a lot about the vegetation and source of livelihood about the place. Also learned that how 2017s unpredicted change in rainfall pattern effected the livelihood of farmers.I did get lost once but again the kind hearted and helpful people of the mountains showed me the way. Finally, after several ups and downs (literally) I managed to reach the Naag Tibba temple at around 2pm. As I entered the temple, I was welcomed by a group of people who were worshiping the deity and performing rituals. I hesitated initially but couldn't resist after I was treated with much of love and affection. They offered me food which was probably the best I had in past few years. Khichdi, Dahi, sabji and lots and lots of sweets. The kind of hospitality I received made me realise the importance of being humble to everyone. Treating everyone equally and loving everyone equally is what makes you a complete being. I was a complete stranger, yet I was treated as if I belonged to them. I have lived that moment and I wish to relive that moment again. My plans were to cross Naag Tibba and reach Jhandi (2 hours away from Naag Tibba). Guess that will have to wait for my next trip.I started moving down with the same group of people as they too were from Pantwadi. It was getting dark and I had to ensure I reach before that, hence, I ran down the valley, which was again one of the most interesting things I did in a while. While coming down, I did find a couple of travelers moving towards Naag-Tibba (Guessed they were camping). With all pride, I showed them the way up.As I got back to Mamaji's hotel, I was cheered up by the people for making the trek in one single day. And boy! that felt like an achievement.
Gaurav Sharma
Nag Tibba : At 9915 feets above sea level Nag Tibba or The Serpent's Peak is one the highest peak of lesser Himalayas located in the Garhwal Division of Uttarakhand State. Nag Tibba is believed to be the abode of 'Nag Devta' or God of Snakes is revered by locals. Locals from villages situated around area come here to offer their prayers to Nag Devta. Nag tibba is a small trek which can easily be done on weekend. The highest point of trek is known as "Jhandi Top" which offers a scenic views of the Gangotri, Banderpoonch, Kalanaag or Black Peak and the Swargarohini massif.