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North Gola Range

Jeeten Arora
Mukteshwar - is the name of a 350 years old Temple of Lord #Shiva situated at highest point of town...and just below the Temple is what i mean Guess what that's suicide point.. a small slip can lead u to the Heaven Again and just a few meters below we is Indian Veterinary Research center (IvRI) Mukteshwar is athe abode of a saint - SHRI MUKTESHWAR MAHARAJ JI who lived at the Top cottage Temple and this was the day 3's experience so lets go to day one it took us 23 and a half hour to The destination and rest the day was full of sleep on the bed The next day we go to the market to the nearby village's and we come up with the most loving and not inhumanate but the real humans who can help u at every point. The next day was to Mukteshwar Dham again the description was mentioned forth 4th day leads to The spot for camping activities leader friendship leader river crossing archery cycling these activites were divided in two days so basicaly we had 4-5 days for activities in the jungle a walk through the jungle leads us to the awaited place call deck of the camp. we had a camp fire. And them a day well spent in Nainital and again at last we find our favourite place MAC-D nad PIZZA HUT after 8 days long shakahari food. With ahopping and much more what i really found amazing was Tibetan market of candles was a high light and The biggest nimboos i mean Lemon a size equal to a mellon. Must visit a great fun and adventure with alot much to walk with