Pangarchulla Peak 1/11 by Tripoto

Pangarchulla Peak

Jinal Jain
At the base of Auli We are about to begin our journeyAn adventurous, unknown journey This is just the beginning There is a long way to go I'm already out of breath  Looking up to the peaks No, I can't see it yet , but I know it's there and it's beautifulI'm almost there , but just to the first base camp It's raining , its cold , everything  seems to be so new , so wild , so natural Beneath I am scared  But I must be strong, there is a long way to go It's the second day, the route just gets tougher But  I'm stronger Out here in the wild , with a crew , we call ourselves a family If one stops we all stop We are all out for a break From the routine , from the responsibilities, a break from setting goals . But it isn't easy .Somewhere  between these mountains We still have to reach the goal We cannot quit Quiting is just not an option As we must be together, with the family Giving up on them and descending back alone is a risk in itself , you would either be lost in the woods forever or become a meal for a wild creature We have to go on , we have to keep on climbing , We have to accomplish our goalWe have to reach the topOh now I see it , our goal , all covered with snow But there is a long way to go .Weather has not really been kind to us but nor have we been so soft. Weather can't stop us , we will go on .This family is all we have , the only humans we are connected to And on our way we are all learning.   Learning the nature Learning to live in the nature Learning the different waysLearning to be happy alone  Learning of not being accountable to anyoneLearning the feeling of freedom.And finally we are here , at the peak , at our goal , we have done it, we are happy and we are celebrating .That magical mountain side The quieter you become , the more you can hear.It whispered to us, "There is a long way to go butGoals are easier to reach When there is no turning back".