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Kajol Aikat
So, we were about to head to our latest trip upto Nainital. But, right before we could climb the prime turn, we took 15 kms downhill and found a rare and breathtaking outland called Pangot. 25o kms from Delhi, this is a must-go spot. And, if you’re someone who looks for a secluded getaways on weekend with friends or just alone, this camp-resort we stayed (Hidden Valley Camps) was a cherry on the top- readily available, food-to-go-gaga-for, and an excellent hospitality. Peace and tranquility are standard offerings here. The place is so virgin, that you can almost hear the air passing by beneath the valley. Surrounded with lush green lower Himalayas, foregoing clouds, pretty amazing people and a few unbeaten underrated spots, Pangot is seriously a bliss in disguise. Oh, and did I mention- it’s even better with a motorcycle!
.Blue-Capped Rock Thrush (Monticola Cinclorhyncha).
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Pangot has approximately 500 species of birds, which makes it a paradise for bird watchers and nature photographers. Kilbury and Snow View Point are the two most preferred locations for bird watching and photography.
Nancy Agarwal
The next day we decided to go to Brahamasthali (as suggested by Naresh). It was 12kms ahead of Pangot plus around 1 and a half kms trek. I was not sure about the trek, but I still decided to give it a try (and thank God I tried). The trek was in the midst of lush green forests, sometimes it was scary also as we could hear noises of some wild animals (probably our imagination). The view, half way through the trek was mesmerising. We went till top, some 9000 ft. There was a small temple and a baba's (saint) kutiya. It was difficult to guess his age but he seemed to be old but was smart and active and he was basically famous for his chillam. We chatted with him for almost an hour. He offered us Rooafza with curd (which was very innovative and tasty) which he prepared in his small kutiya only. There was chulha also in that kutiya. Astonishingly he was well aware about the outside world- he discussed about politics, the places, the tourism. There was no TV there, but then I noticed a small radio set lying in his kutiya. He told that he listened to samachar (news) everyday. While leaving he gave us a register and a pen and told us to write something in it. He did that with every visitor. In evening we went to Mall Road, Nainital to have dinner and by night 11.00pm we were back in our very own Kafal House.
Nancy Agarwal
Pangot is a place for bird watchers. One can find around 250-280 bird species there. What is required is a pair of binoculars and DSLR (unfortunately we were not carrying the both), still we managed to spot various different kinds of birds in different colours- purple, blue, green parrots with yellow tails!