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Sachin Deo Verma
We reached the base camp at about 1 pm at noon and get ourselves freshen-up. Rajma-Chawal was served for our lunch and it tastes so good after that rigorous journey. We had enough food because 7kms trek down to Pantwari village was still left and we had to do it right after. We took a power nap and then packed the rucksack ready to finish the trip.At about 2 pm, we started to trek down with our new friends. Everyone was exhausted and preferred to take rest very often as compared when trekking up. Though, we get to know more about our new friends and find out that they were college students and had come from BHU, Varanasi, my hometown. This feels good to know that people are passionate for traveling.Please, don't litter your waste in the mountains!Nevertheless, it took us more than 3 hours to reach down. Our traveler bus was ready to take us to Dehradun from where our bus was scheduled. It took another 4 hours to reach Dehradun. We had a light dinner and departed back to Delhi at 11pm at night through sleeper bus.The complete experience was good. But one thing we found out that it is not a perfect trek for beginners for sure. One must be ready hard physically and mentally to accomplish this trek. The next thing I can guarantee is that it will be an unforgettable trip for your life.
Beparwah Parinda
Some more beautiful photographs before reaching Pantwari village.
Saroj Gupta
Nag Tibba treak is one of the nearest gateways for people who loves camping and treaking. The treak usually starts from the village Name Panthwari.  It is one of the most easiest treak for Begginers. The view that you get when u do reach your base camp in the evening by 4pm if u start in the morning and if u re lucky u get sunset view from your base camp ⛺. Best time to visit: Any time throughout the year. But yes avoid rainy season and if u want to see snowfall visit during month of december and January. How to reach : One needs to reach Dherradun by bus, train, or flight according to your convince . And from there u can take bus to Nainbag from  bus stand in Dherradun. After getting down in Nainbag one can take sharing jeep to pantwari where one can start their treak. One can also books package from different operator's or u can book your camp at the Panthwari village itself before u start your treakMy story of Nag Tibba treak:As I said one has to start their treak early in the morning around 7-8am . But what I did was a great mistake was I reached pantwari around 3pm and was able to start my treak at around 4pm . I am a solo traveller who loves exploring alone. Since I started my treak late in the evening , before I couldn't reach my base camp before getting dark which was around 5km from Panthwari where I was  supposed to camp . I was completely lost in the jungle in the dark but was able to finally locate my base camp anyhow which took me almost more than  6hrs. But when I reached my base camp there was bornfire near my camp which they had arranged beforehand for others who had already reached there. The sky that was full of stars and the view I could see at night was breath taking. After having my dinner and spending some time near bornfire we slept and next morning early around 4am we started our treaking to the peak of nag Tibba where on the way u will come across a Nag devta temple which is one of the scared temple of people of that place.  On they to my peak I could see the unexplainable beauty of nature that one can only feel if they goes there, the beauty that can't be expressed, can't be captured (though I tried capturing it😅) . After reaching the peak I did forget my tiredness that I had been treaking since two days it was such beautiful, such calm.  One could hear only winds passing by your ears and birds singing, far away from the noise of cities vechile. One could see the different ranges of Himalayas covered in snow from the peak. It was breath taking view and unforgettable treak. Follow me on Instagram @soul_travellr for more updates
ram narayan
The trek back to Pantwari should take half the time you took to climb up. At Pantwari you would find shared jeeps that takes you to Nainbagh.
ram narayan
You can reach Pantwari from Nainbagh by shared jeeps. They charge you ₹50 and takes about 45 mins of travel.This is the starting point of Nag Tibba trek. There is an ATM here. Few restaurants are here. Bhandari guest house is a recommended place for food. They allow you to use their washrooms free of cost. The wash rooms were very clean. They also serve Maggie, Parathas and bread toasts for breakfast.