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Pathar Nachuni

Swati Keshri
There was no time to waste and we had to start descending down to reach the Bhagwabasa camp from where we quickly packed our luggage for Patar Nachauni (12800 ft) camp. It was raining heavily while we were descending and this further aggravated the headache that I was having! Nevertheless, my mood was brightened with a cup of tea at Kalu Vinayak and then a Double Rainbow at the camp!!
Leo Saldanha
Day 4: Patar Nachauni - 12700ft.We were warned from the beginning that this is one of the windiest campsite. A place where flying tents wouldn't be that big a deal. It was one of those freezing nights when the temperature had dropped low. Neither the winds nor my woollens helped. Trying to spot the milky way wasn't the real challenge. Getting out of the tent, however was complete torture and not any less risky. With a runny nose and trembling hands, I managed to set my tripod. The later challenge was getting my gloves out to press the shutter. Hitting the shutter seems like such an easy task, but, it took me 10 seconds to even do that. The cold kept reminding, how every passing second it's taking control. I admit to being a fool, at the same time I couldn't stop grinning, that someone else will be able to see this too.
Rakesh Malik
Day 5This day is a short trek of only 4 km, but with 1500 ft ascent. We started by 8 am and reached Pathar Nachauni by 11:30 am. Just as we entered out tent heavy hail started. This day I caught a bit of headache, which remained for about an hour. This was the last point where we got mobile phone signal, that was only at one specific corner.My friend had also got some stomach problem this day. The weather in this place changed rapidly every now and then. Sometimes we are inside cloud, sometimes in soothing sunlight, sometimes in rain or hail, sometimes trembling for sheer cold wind and sometimes combinations of more than one. which lasted upto the time I was awake.
Salman Faris
Day 6Pathar Nachuni Trek