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An unspoilt oasis in the Rudrapryag district of Uttarakhand, Pokhri is a spectacular spot for a unique vacation. Located only 10 hours away from Delhi, the road as you approach Pokhri quickly levitates you above the beautiful Alaknanda Valley. The drive from here offers majestic views of thick forests laden with pines and oaks overlooking Himalayas standing tall on the other side. This is a special experience in itself, so ditch your sleep, and witness the beauty!What You Can DoA few meters short of Pokhri, lies Guniyal village which is home to warm and cozy home stay Birdsong and Beyond. You can also simply reach the village and stay in one of the local home-stays. Enjoy the warmth of the villagers and have typical Pokhri home-cooked food. By day, enjoy the simple village life, and by night, marvel at the clear sky blanketed with a million stars.