Rhodo ReTreat and ReSorts

Tanvi S
We booked this place again through make my trip and we loved our stay here too! The place is on Almora - Ranikeht highway and 8 kms away from Ranikhet. This was once a private property of a Gentleman who now lives in Noida. With the thought of giving an opportunity and job options to hometown fellows, he converted his private property into a hotel. The property is slightly situated on mountain. The rooms were spacious and huge. They had a very beautiful library room on toppest floor of the building which also had awesome Ranikhet view. While being in this room, we never had a heart to leave at all and wished we were here for some more time. The caretaker took us around his farm too who he himself took care of. he showed us many plants and herbs that were grown in his farm and this is why the place had a name - Rhodo - based on Rhododendrons! I just wish I was here for more time as the serenity and calmness of this place had already taken over me! (https://m.facebook.com/RhodoReTreat)