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Sheikh Ershad
Trek to Deoria Tal from Sari Deoria Tal is located at the top of the hill overlooking Sari village. The trail starts on your right, just after entering the village. We found Mr. Mahendra right there, who had accommodation in the village as well as the hilltop. We chose to stay overnight at Deoria Tal since trekking down in dark was insensible. Mahendra went back to fetch a few things he needed. While we were waiting for Mahendra, a simple old man offered us Kinnu juice. We declined the offer politely but purchased bottled water from him. He had a tiny shop right in front of the small board indicating trek start point.
Amer Ghauri
Fortunately morning was clear when we woke up, so wasting no time we had breakfast and left for Deoria tal, walking through the orchards of peaches & apple with many birds around definitely complimented our trek. After a moderate climb of around 1:30 hours finally we arrived to the lake of reflection. We got a glimpse of few peaks though it was for 5-10 minutes only. Being there on the lake with peaks in the background simply seized the moment for us. We just explored the lake by walking around; there is one old trek route of 14 km which goes to Chopta from here however it is not used anymore due to availability of road. As clouds started to build in the sky we knew we did not have much time to spend, but it was worth every single minute to be here so far. We started to walk back for Sari, there was a nice dhaba in somewhat middle of the trek, where we had refreshments and enjoyed the nature.
Day 1 - I Can’t drive 55 / Sammy HaggarLocation: Sari villageAltitude- 6,600 ftAs per the plan, we were picked up by the TTH team at Rishikesh to reach our base camp in Sari.Now on my last trip to Joshimath base camp for the Kuari pass trek, a tempo was arranged and it was fairly comfortable enough to sleep through the entire ride. Now smaller group, smaller ride. After 8 hours of winding roads and major lumbago, we reached Sari base camp. A small intro session followed by a Pahadi dinner (much love), I tucked in knowing that this was the last day of the trip I would be able to sleep like a baby.
Shashank Sinha
We progressed till Sari, a quiet village. I had no plans of halting here as I felt no sign of fatigue. One of my connections from facebook, had contacted one of his connections at Sari village and arranged a place for us to sort ourselves.
Abhishek Arora
Next morning, we woke up early and took a good nice view of the place. The place was clustered with foreign visitors and each of them was admiring the beauty of the place in their own way. We spent 2-3 hours there before heading back to our hometown.From wherever I have travelled so far, I realized that each place had something different to offer maybe in terms of people you meet on your journey or the places you visit. I believe it is important to admire each and every lot of them as you never know what impact they might leave on you in the long run.Happy travelling!! :)