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Sayanti Mahapatra
Hello friends,Mountains, lush green forests, wildlife, lakes, waterfalls and fresh air are the things that you miss the most when you are brought up in a concrete jungle. As a kid, living in Delhi NCR since birth, I have grown watching everything encapsulated into a giant technological bubble. On one hand in movies, I saw kids climbing trees and playing in dirt but those are the happiest kids. On the other hand, we had classes on rock climbing and we can play the games only when there is a coach around with a rulebook. Climbing a tree is not a big deal when you know how to do rock climbing. Or playing in the dirt just to prove “Daag acche hai” is not an achievement either. What have I possibly missed then? I have missed being close to Mother Nature. I have given up on all those moments that could have made me feel more connected to our planet. It is not like that I hate my life and the daily facilities that come with it. Not against technology and sky-high buildings. All I wanted was a little more time in the lap of nature where we all truly belong. So, every time I get a chance to seize the opportunity to interact with nature, I grab it expeditiously. This time as you all know that my semester exams were going on, I had to take that much-needed break. A break from the anxiety, the blather on the streets, the choking atmosphere and almost everything that make up my environment. Some wise man or woman said that “It does not matter what the destination is. The only thing that matter is just going far away from Delhi”. I read this somewhere on the internet and I could resonate with this on a biological level, lol. Well, everybody I see is choking here and nobody wants to be here for the next few months. I can see people literally fleeing like migratory birds and my feed was filled with people exploring different travel destinations (none of which was Delhi honestly). So, following everyone’s footsteps, I packed my bags and set off on a journey to get more close to nature. This time my travel destination was Sattal, Uttarakhand.
Ishita Das Sarkar
Sat TalSat Tal means seven lakes. It is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes near the Bhimtal region.Surrounded by hills covered by oak and pine trees, the lakes of Sat Tal is as beautiful as your imagination can go.
Rajpal Singh
By early evening we were back to homestay and started for Sattal which is about 70 km from Pawalgarh (Kathgodam - 50 km and further 20 km) and we reached Sattal about 9pm, place was so calm and in deep sleep that it looked like life less. After 20 km of jungle trail in morning and 70-80 km travel in hills we were too tired, so instead of pitching out tent in jungle somehow we managed a room in Utterakhand tourism guest house (a costly affair). In Sattal we met Prabhu, a local birder and guide, with his help we got to see "flying squirrel". I was amazed to see that small creature high up in a pine tree; I was unaware of the fact that these are common in this area. Next day was dedicated to exploring nearby jungles. first thing in morning we did was to visit "the studio" a place know by this name in birders fraternity , area is promising, location is perfect, expectation were high but we did not see much activity there. Even then this will remain in memories forever because I saw a "barking deer" in its natural habitat near waterhole. Nearby jungles are too dense to explore by early evening we reached at a camp site deep inside the jungle (somewhere 3 km from lake), though we did not see "Khaleej", but on the way back we saw white crested laughing thrushes and pheasants (male Monal)