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Kiran Kumnoor
Day 2: Sewa to Bawta - 8 km - 6300 ft to 7000 ftSewa to Bawta was a little difficult than the first day's trail. This trail followed the Rupin River all along. We trekked at an altitude from where we could see and hear the gush of the turquoise blue river flowing down at the feet of the mountains. It was such a picturesque sight and to have trekked this trail is an experience in itself.I would regularly stop to take a picture of the flowing river and the small huts by the side of the river, sometimes the bridge connecting the mountains on either side of the river. After every few yards along the winding hilly trails, the same scene would look much different, forcing me to think if someone had cast a magical spell in those last few yards, or was the place so magical all by itself!READ ALSO: Trek to Sandakphu - The Eastern Himalayas
Sagar Pradhan
Day 3: Sewa (6,300 ft) to Jiskun (7,700 ft); Approximately 6 hoursAaaahh my Aching body !!!All the arrogance of working out for 4 months was now down the drain. Each and every part of body which was used during the hike on second day was screaming in pain.
Archana Venkat