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Gangotri National Park

Sreshti Verma
The high-altitude national park located in the Uttarkashi, is a massive 2,390 square kilometre in area and protects an array of wild Himalayan flora and rare endangered fauna. The coniferous forest and a high number of glaciers are unique to the Gangotri National Park.In the massive Gangotri National Park, 15 species of rare and endangered mammal species have been documented. The list includes the mighty Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Tahr and Himalayan Snowcock. But the most exciting characteristic of the national park is Gawmukh Glacier, the source of the holy river Ganga.
Gangotri national park, Gomukh PermitAfter reaching Uttarkashi go to Kotbangala and get permit for 2 km from Uttarkashi bus stand. If you done with permission before 2 PM you can get bus to Gangotri same day else wait for next day.
Gangotri is situated in the Uttarkashi distrct of Uttarakhand in the Garhwal Himalayas. Gangotri is abode of maa Ganga one of the Chota Char dham temple. Gangotri is nearest road head to reach Gomukh glacier and Gangotri national park. To reduce the burden of human footprints every day only 150 people are allowed to visit Gangotri national park and Gomukh and one should take advance permit from District Forest Officer Uttarkashi around 2 km from in Uttarkashi bus stand.
Sukanya Ghosh
There is a flight of very steep stairs behind the Gangotri Temple from where most trekkers choose to start their trekking.We didn’t take this route …instead we took an alternate route or trail (guided by a local shop keeper) which is less steeper and after we walked for 40min we reached the gate of Gangotri National park...which opens at 6:00am…. This is where you need to show the permit. We completed the formality and were let inside.After walking for 2-3km along the narrow trail which clings to the ever-changing mountain slopes on the way to the Bhagirathi we reached Devvan. After Devvan climbs become little steeper and began to feel the rarefied atmosphere. But the sights of Bhrigupanthi series of peaks were breathtaking.
Nachikethas MJ
By the time we left the office it was past 8 o clock so almost all the shops were closed except for a few hotels, so it was a little bit dark around there on the way back to the lodge. I was leading the line when I heard a voice from behind 'Aliyaaa just look above you', I looked back and it was Sudhin. He was looking up at the sky, astonished. I looked above and it was one of the most astonishing views that I have ever seen in my life! There were millions of shining stars above us in the sky and all look much closer than we see them usually. I guess it is because of the altitude of Gangotri which is located 3500 meters above sea level and also because of the less light pollution. There was a better view of that starry sky the very next day so I am not describing it now. We had dinner on the way back from forest office. Then we went back to the lodge to get some sleep, promising Jayveer bhayya to meet him at 6 o clock in the morning to start our trekking. We lay down on our bed thinking about what tomorrow was going to be like!Day 3
Arkapal Bandyopadhyay
Early in the next morning we geared up for the trek with packed parathas for our brunch.The trail started from our hotel itself. We reached the checkpost of Gangotri National Park in around 30 minutes.After all the necessary formalities we started our walk through the muddy terrains with Mt Sudarshan dominating the views in the north and the Ganges flowing swiftly on our right side.
Vipin Negi
On our previous day me and guide planned that we will trek to Tapovan and then same day we will trek back to Gangotri. I said yes to my guide. But in the corner of my heart i was saying to myself will it possible for me. can i do it ..?Next day we started a tough journey early in the morning around 6.00 am to Tapovan. it was so fantastic around. Mountain Peaks was lukng so magnetic. Morning sun rays were making them more beautiful. They were lukng like Golden Mountains. Around 8.00 pm i reached Gaumukh. It was so divine experience to see the origin of Holy Maa Ganga river.