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Ponnumthuruthu Island

Ashish Jain
Ponnumthuruthu Island/ Golden island: (15 km south of Varkala) A delightful getaway surrounded by the Anjengo backwaters. This uninhabited isle is accessible by boat from the makeshift jetty at the nearby Nedunganda Village. A 100-year-old Siva-Parvathi Temple, rebuilt a decade back, is situated here and the entire island is temple property. We were not able to visit this place due to time constraint.To be frank you would not see so many foreign tourists at one single place as I saw in Varkala. You hardly find any Indians other than the locals who run the shops and the restaurants.Do not expect the markets to shut down with the sunset as the night life is simply amazing, and it goes on till midnight. All the shops remain open and the restaurants display their fresh catch for the day to tempt the tourists in the evenings. Drinking beer and having the sea breeze hit in the dark of the night, with some music in the background, can’t be described in words.. The restaurants are quite expensive but never restrict yourself from exploring the delicious sea food. They do have live bands and they keep playing and dancing till midnight.This is one place you should go to if you want to just laze around. The feel of going back home would never be there. I just did not feel like leaving the clear blue waters & the fine sand.I just wish that the beauty and calmness of this place doesn’t get lost with greater influx of tourists.