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Soochipara Waterfalls

Gautam Singh
This one is from one of my trip with friends. The moment was so perfect that I never needed any expensive camera/photo editing tool. The following picture was captured using my Lava Iris x8 phone. When in Wayanad, do trek down to this waterfall and enjoy it's enclosed beauty.
We reached the falls around 1pm. Auto guy asked us to come back by 1: 45 if we wanted to make it up to the caves.We had to walk another kilometer to reach to the falls. The road leading to the caves was terrible. It was steep, with a lot of steps, loooonnngg steps and a lot of cobble stones. We had 2 pit stops.
We relaxed for a while had our breakfast in the resort itself and were ready for the day. We headed towards Soochipara Waterfalls. Well this turned out to a smaller waterfall but the journey towards it mattered for us. I was surprised to see the number of people visiting here. Well it was a weekend rather.To reach the waterfalls we had to walk for about 3 to 4km down. As we walked towards the falls, I saw it was much greener I had ever seen, it was purly heaven as the mystical fog covered us in seconds.
Medha Dwivedi
Then, after a tiresome trekking, climb down and take a dip in one of the cool waterfalls, Soochippara. Carry an extra pair of trousers with you, because the water is tempting and you cannot just sit and observe the mighty fall. Lakkidi View point is much hyped. Apart from this there is a beach that was only sixty kilometers away but we didn’t have time to go there, for it was only a two day trip.BEWARE OF LEECHES. They are plenty in number and easily slide in through your shoes and socks unnoticed. The natives suggest the use of strong deodorants, the smell of which keeps the blood suckers away. So don’t forget to carry deodorants with you. Also, pack a bottle of sunscreen to avoid tanning after the trek and at least one woolen garment for the night. And be alert of the weather. It rains untimely and when you expect it the least. But packing an umbrella would spoil the fun. Get drenched. Get the feel.All in all, visit this place for the limitless mountains, the uncertain weather, the lush green plantations and the surprising stay, which according to me was what I will remember most. Visit the place that has humble houses on hills, pure air on its roads, and serenity in its soil.