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A village in the 24 Parganas of Canning, this is also the gateway to the beauiful Sunderbans. This village has a block development office, a panchayat and a community block. Gosaba is also an island which was bought by a British officer many years ago as a part of a group pf islands he bought from a local zamindar. This place is rich in flora and fauna and especially tall trees of wood. Fishing is the main occupation here and the fishermen work here in the mouth of danger everyday.
@diti $rivastava
We Cross over to the island of Gosaba which is the biggest market for hundreds of villages around and enjoy the beauty of Mangrove tree and yes we enjoyed tea and rusk also on the boat.
After reaching Godkhali Ferry Ghat, sail to Gosaba. Gosaba is a beautiful unexplored island in the bay of Bengal ,a very small area having all the basic facility available.People in the village are very friendly and they enjoy sharing their experience of staying in the midst of thrilling and magnificent creatures.The place gives you a real and typical flavor of authentic Bengali culture. The only way to explore the village is on a rickshaw. The place is ideal for tourist exposure.
Sagnik Basu
Sundarband tigerland resort is where we resided but Gosaba is basically the hub where you can dump your bags and set off for adventure tours on your jeep. You won't have a lot off time to stay and hang around because your in charges never like the idea of allowing the night to fall. So after you step down from the ferry, be quick, be agile and be pumped. During your tours you will see crocodiles camouflaged barely 20 feet from you and roots of mangroves seeking out of the ground for the quest of water. The authorities will take a very good care of you and your family. Sticking to their cautionary orders will also be very important for obvious reasons. But you can always be on your toes (not literally !) for you know what. We managed some pug marks but you never know.