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11 Days
On The Roof Of The World: Tibet And Mt. Everest!

Tibetan LandscapeMount Everest from the base campPotala Palace from the Jokhang TempleRongphu mon...

5 Days
Mt. Everest Base Camp-Tibet side: "Roof of the World" 

RAW.RUGGED.ADVENTURE.TRACK.TREK.TENT.TRAIL.Sunrise at Mt. Everest: 5 degree 8:00 a.m. Rajkapotasa...

Roopal Patel
6 Days
Enigmatic Tibet: The destination for the ultimate thrill- seeker

Tibet: the name itself evokes feelings of awe and mystery. RAW.RUGGED.ADVENTURE.TRACK.TREK.TENT.T...

Roopal Patel
How to plan a trip to Tibet in 5 easy steps

As a foreigner, planning a trip to Tibet can be discouraging considering the planning involved, t...

Monty Bajaj
McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala: A Land That Speaks The Language Of Friendliness And Peace

I feel that a trip has been successful when I come back sounding strange, even to myself. When I ...

 Footloose Dev
7 Days
Long way home - Part IV - Ulan Bator to Lhasa: The Gobi desert and the great Firewall of China!  

In April-May 2016, My wife Beena and I, traveled from London to Siliguri (India), mainly by train...

Yubanaswa Chakraborty

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