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Jhilimili in Bengali means a sparkle or a twinkle and this is also the name of a famous tourist destination in Bankura. It is situated on the banks of the Kangsabati River and very close to another famous tourist attraction known as Mukutmanipur. The kangsabati flows through forests out here and the rustic environment here is the main reason for touristry here. The Tusu Parab during the Month of January is beautiful festival of the Santhali clan here.
It was an impromptu decision to visit one of the most rugged and beautiful regions of West Bengal. It was a long weekend and we decided to visit Jhilimili, a beautiful destination in the Bankura district. We had heard of the sublime and virgin beauty of this place before. Most of the tourists visiting Bankura usually visit Bishnupur to see the terracotta wonders built by the “Malla” kings. We decided to explore the natural beauty of the place instead.The drive to Jhilimili was a pleasant one. Jhilimili is about 70 km from Bankura town and can be reached by train to Bankura station and then taking a car. We had however decided to test our driving skills this time. It was a long drive, but the air was crisp and weather was simply fine. We started quite early in the morning as we knew that it was going to be a long drive. Indeed it was and after 6 hours and driving through some picturesque locations we were at Jhilimili.
Mustak Ali
Jhilimili is an offbeat tourist destination located on the banks of Kangsabati river near the Purulia border. The road trip from Ranibandh to Jhilimili is a treat to the eyes.Don't forget to visit the Talberia lake.
Sagnik Basu
A free bird, that is how you feel will like. Jhilimili is only 15 Km. away from Mukumanipur. It is a beautiful, undisturbed dense natural forest. The road from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a wonderful view of spectacular forests on varying heights on both sides, finally reaching Jhilimili, which is mounted on the top of a hillock. Small tribes all around the place add to the beauty of the place.