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Lepcha Jagat

The name of this place is Darjeeling literally means "the World of the Lepcha Clan". The polace is about 45 minutes drive from darjeeling and is a destination for nature lovers. If you want to enjoy a day or two in the romantic environment and rustic sceneries of this place, you can stay in one of the resorts here. None of the resorts here are 5 star but who needs one when you already have 5- star sceneries around you.
Anshul Sharma
Krishnandu Sarkar
27th Dec - Day 2 : Lepchajagat :We woke up once in the morning to check out the scenario outside. However it was all mystic and cloudy. So we went back to bed as there's no point in going to the view point considering such weather. Later we woke up at around 7:30 AM and got freshen up. Soon we heard people exclaiming with joy and we rushed to the rooftop guessing the obvious. And as expected the clear view of the almighty Kanchenjunga was infront of us! I thought of rushing to the viewpoint, but as I was about to proceed, in next few seconds, mist started flowing in and covered it all up. Later at around 9:00 AM we were called for breakfast.Today we planned to hike to Hawa Ghor (also known as Hawa Mahal) and Ghoom Rock and later planned for a day trip to Jorpokhri and Simana View Point.
Krishnandu Sarkar
26th Dec - Day 1 : NJP - Lepchajagat :When we woke up, we were already traversing through North Bengal! Soon, the train reached our destination - NJP. We planned it to keep things in budget, and thus we didn't booked any vehicle for pickup in advance. I had already discussed it with Mr. Tamang about the route if we travel in shared vehicle. So it was like - We have to take shared vehicle to Darjeeling and get down at Ghoom (around Rs. 300/- per head) and from there another shared vehicle to Sukhia which will pass through Lepchajagat (around Rs. 100/- per head). So with around Rs. 400/- per head we'd have reached Lepchajagat on a budget. However while bargaining outside NJP, a person came up and offered to drop us at Lepchajagat for Rs. 2200/-. Although I tried to bargain it down to Rs. 2000/- but it went into vein. But even with Rs. 2200/- it seemed to be a nice offer, as even with shared vehicles it'd cost us around 1800/-. So extra Rs. 400/- seemed to be a nice offer considering we can travel without headache and with all the luggages, we don't have to take much hassle.From Bagdogra / NJP / Siliguri, there are 3 routes that you can opt for, to reach Kurseong viz. Rohini (the most popular and most used), Pankhabari and Sukna. From Kurseong you travel upto Ghoom and from Ghoom onwards, the routes to Darjeeling and Lepchajagat takes a diversion. We took the Rohini road as usual. In between we halted for breakfast at a roadside food joint. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was really nice, having their arrangements at a balcony offering breathtaking views.Soon, after having done with the breakfast, we again started moving towards our destination of the day - Lepchajagat. Finally we reached our shelter for the day - Kanchankanya Homestay (owned and run by Mr. Passang Tamang) by around 12:30 PM. So it took us around 2:30 hours to reach Lepchajagat from NJP with a 30 mins halt in between.Noticing us, Mr. Tamang came forward and showered us a warm welcome and asked us to follow him to the rooms. He asked us if we'd like to have some Tea and we all exclaimed yes! We are kind of ardent Tea lover (well addict would be a better word though ???? ). The rooms were really nice and clean, so are the washrooms. The whole property is very clean and well maintained. We were allotted rooms at the first floor where they have a balcony adjoining to it. I walked up there for a smoke taking a sip from my cup of tea, but couldn't stand more than a minute due to the freezing wind.Later around 2:00 PM, we were called downstairs for lunch. They served Rice, Dal, Alu Bhaji, Sabji and Egg Curry. The food was steaming hot and was fingerlicking. It felt like pure home cooked food. Considering the freezing weather, they provided us hot water in a thermal jug for washing hands and such.
Sanjoy Barman
According to the local people “Lepcha” is a one of the oldest tribal people who are the original inhabitants of Sikkim. The word “Lepcha” means "nonsense talkers” and the word “Jagat” means “The World”. Lepchajagat Altitude is 6,956 ft (i.e. 2123 meters). You can clearly see Mt Kanchenjunga range from here. Lepchajagat can be an ideal weekend destination for all those who love Himalaya.
Mit Roy
I stayed the remaining day to homestay as I was very tired. I took my dinner early as I have to go in my next destination on next day which I will share another day. Well that's for now I guess.