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Mohit Behl
YamunotriHaridwar to Kharsali - 220 km by road | Kharsali to Yamunotri - 7 km trek Things at the Yamunotri Dham are terribly mismanaged. While the 6 km trail is in good shape, paved throughout and grilled at the boundaries, there is just not enough space for all―foot pilgrims, ponies, palki walas (Palanquin carriers) and pitthus―to walk on it together. I, along with many others, got stuck in a human and pony traffic jam for about 2 hours on my way back. Utter standstill. Expletives and elbows were exchanged as lovingly as the prasad. Devotion devoid of good decency is no devotion at all.However, if you still want to visit, then plan your stay at the Shiv Shakti Eco Resort in Kharsali. It's not only away from all the clutter but gives you a beautiful view of the township and river Yamuna below, and the snow-capped Himalaya right in front, including Bandarpoonch on the right. The rooms are fairly spacious, considering most of the other options are huddled together with little or no breathing space. The food is good and homely. And the trek to the temple is less than 7 km from here.We started the trek (7 kilometres) at around 9 in the morning together, but I was back by 4. It would have been less time consuming if not for the human-animal jam. It took us about 12 hours to reach Janki Chatti from Haridwar.
Pradyumn Singh
Day 1 - 260km drive to Phool chattiFirst day was a 260km drive from Rishikesh to Phoolchatti via Mussoorie, Kempty Falls (view from above). We drove along the banks of river Yamuna (NH 709B). The highway is very exciting with lush green mountains cut along the meandering course of the river. Also the view of sadhus walking along the road with minimal belongings would fill your heart with devotional charm. A number of tributaries joining the main river can be observed along the way. We reached our TRH (tourist rest house) in Phoolchatti late evening, had dinner (arranged by GMVN) - home cooked North Indian meal. The location of TRH is in a calm and quiet place away from the town and has an awesome backdrop.