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Vibhooti Falls

Chaitali Chatterjee
Next was multi-cascade Vibhooti Falls after a couple of km of trek. The path is full of trees and has few chairs to sit and relax.It is the waterfall which forms a natural pool. There is a changing room available in case if you want to get inside the water.
Anil Kumar
Wanderlust On Wheel
Naveen Prabhu
After having mammoth tender coconuts in the area we set off to Vibhooti waterfalls. It was a 12km hike along the road, most of which was uphill. We were exhausted to the core when 3 people on an auto, stopped at our end and offered us a lift. Girish and his friends had come all the way from Chennarayapatna on a trip and were heading to Chikmagalur. All on their Ape Auto. Thug Life. They dropped us off 5 Kms outside Vibhuthi and revived the faith in humanity.A tranquil waterfall, Vibhooti is not very well known. Making it an ideal place to relax in the calm shallow waters. The fish nibbling at your feet is an exhilarating experience, The big sucker fishes nibble at your toes and they're kinda rough at that. The cold water takes away all the exhaustion and was a perfect way to beat the heat.
Vibhuti falls, an awesome place around 1 hour from gokarna. Left around 9am and headed towards Vibhuti falls, there is also a diversion along the way which also leads to murudeshwara. The ride to Vibhuti falls was just awesome, the road passes through a reserve forest area. There were almost no vehicles or people around for a few kilometers, the phone signal is lost and the road is quite bad for few kilometers. There are also few signboards that leads to yana or vibhuti falls. Finally reached Vibhuti falls and we were the only people around there, the entry is around 10rs, parked our bikes near the gate, and it was a 1km walk to the falls. The walk to the falls was also amazing, there is one shop along the way that offers light refreshments/snacks. Finally the breathtaking falls right in front of our eyes, it was an amazing sight to behold. Played in the water for sometime and just sat watching the beautiful waterfalls.