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location iconMumbai, Maharashtra, India
My last boarding pass is the bookmark for my next chapter - The Earned Leaves Traveler aka ELT. Who am I??? To begin with I am no nomad or a vagabond or a hippie (have never had a looonggg break, not more than 2.5 weeks anyways and that too it was our honeymoon), yet I still refuse to have just One chapter repeated over and over again. Honestly, as much as I enjoy in fact adore travelling I also love to come back to my so called routine world (being a daughter, a wife , a healthcare consultant and now finally a blogger), because this so called “routine world” of mine defines me more than anything else and makes me who I am- The “ELT”. In short, even if I am offered to just travel, travel, travel and travel for free I would refuse to do that! Travelling for me is just a means of getting the “Downtime” or “Vacation” you may call it from my routine life. Traveling makes me experience new places, gather new experiences and brings in the much needed excitement; broadens my horizon and perspective; saves me from becoming a “Kuen ka Mendhak” and also saves me from repeating the same chapter over and over again with no twist or tweaks at all. Cutting the long story short, all I am looking for (and you should look forward to in my upcoming blogs) are countless short and sweet escapades as “Zendagi migzara” or life goes on, so we must keep the flame burning!