Parvati Hill Pune – My Favorite Place in a Heartbeat

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Parvati is a hillock in the City of Pune, India. The hill stands at 2,100 feet high above the ground. On top of the hill, you can visit the Parvati Temple, one of the ideal relaxation points for the natives of Pune. The hillock offers a picturesque aerial view of the city and if you are an earlybird, do not miss observing morning picture of the day.

I have been living in Pune since two years now. I still remember my first visit to Pune, it was a rainy day June 17. My interview was scheduled at IT company situated at Singhgad Road. Today I thought I should write about my first emotion with Pune City. The interview was done as planned but one thing happened as  I was on 4th floor and I was waiting for an interview call. I sat front of a big window facing to Parvati Hill. The picturesque view along with my love of nature combined together to make Parvati Hill one of my favorite places in Pune. It was raining, the hill was full of lush greenery around the hill, and I was watching the top of temple and how it is standing steady in the rain.

Later joining the company naturally it became the habit to look at it every day from the terrace. The whistling air, mists, and greenery gave me a lifelong feeling of the luckiest person in the world for observing it. Alas, all this time I could not visit it due to my rigorous work schedules so once when a colleague suggested we trek up, we packed our bags on a rainy Saturday and set off. And then the routine began mornings evenings never looked back.

The hill has 103 steps leading to the main temple built in the year 1749 A.D by the third Peshwa, Shrimant NanaSaheb. It is the oldest heritage architecture in the Pune. The Hillock holds the main temple, Devdeveshwara, is made of Blackstone built under Balaji Baji Rao, in 1749 plus other temples dedicated to Kartikeya, Vishnu, Vitthal and Rukmini. Also, you can visit the Peshwa Museum after paying a small fee of INR 10.  Moreover, If you want to observe a marvelous 360-degree picture of the city you can climb onto the terrace near to the Devdeveshwar temple after paying a modest charge of INR 5.

It is the second highest spot in city of Pune following Vetal Hill. Many neighbourhood residences pay a visit to Parvati on a daily basis. It adds to their fitness regime. Stunning sunrise and sunset panoramas are like the cherry on the icing. The Parvati Hill doors open at 5.00 am and close at 8.00 pm. The steps are the solid representation of the fine stonework of the Maratha time have endured for over two hundred and fifty years. I marvel at the architecture when I see senior citizens climbing with ease. Even the steps have been designed keeping older people in mind. So, what are you waiting for if you are in Pune, you must visit Parvati Hill. Parvati Darshan is a must see places in Pune if you are a nature lover.

Today as I sat in the temple exploring the contours of my heart, I felt a sudden urge to pen down a piece about it.

“Parvati Hill leaves me Curious and Spellbound.”

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