Chander Nahan Lake | Rohru | Beautiful Lake & Valley

16th Jun 2022

Chandarnahan Lake

Photo of Chander Nahan Lake | Rohru | Beautiful Lake & Valley by Neeraj Dhiman

Chandarnahan valley is located in the Upper Shimla region Rohru of Himachal Pradesh. Pabbar river originates from Chandarnahan lakes valley. There are 7 glacial ponds in Chandarnahan valley.

Starts from Janghlik village, the last village located in Pabbar valley. It’s a moderate trek to reach the Chandarnahan lakes. It’s 4 days trek from Janghlik till Janghlik to see Chandarnahan lake.

Chandernaaan lake is situated in between beautiful snowy mountains at an elevation of 4,000 meters(approximately)from sea level in the Pabbar Valley. To reach Chandernahan lake you first need to reach Rohru which is at a distance of 120 Km from Shimla.

From Rohru there is a road which takes you to village Tangnu & village Janglikh. These villages are also good to see if you are interested in knowing the actual traditional culture of Himachal Pradesh. From the village Tangnu, it is an eight-hour trek to Chandernaan lake with a stop at Litham Thach The word “Thach” means meadow.

Below is our brief itinerary of the trek:-

– Shimla to Janghlik

– Janghlik to dayara thach(camps)

– Dayara thach to litham thach

– Litham thach to Chandarnahan lakes and back to mount thach 1 hr ahead of litham thach.

– mount thach to Janghlik village and then Shimla by cab.

Chandarnahan is a beautiful valley full of Meadows, lakes and flowers. Must visit if you visit that region. Also, the hospitality of the people of Janghlik was great.