Your ultimate guide to Chandranahan Lakes Exploration


Chandranahan, constituting of 7 glacial ponds, is the point of origin of Pabbar River. A trek to this place is no less than a walk into paradise, going through endless meadows, alpine forests, gurgling streams, glaciers and a huge waterfall. The trek begins from Janglik Village. Your whole journey to this place would be a totally different experience. There are no resorts, no tourist dhabas on the road and no maddening crowds of tourists. You will get an authentic remote Himalayan feel everywhere you go beyond Shimla.

How to reach Janglik

It is a small hamlet located 500km from Delhi on the banks of Pabbar River. Rohru is the biggest town closest to Janglik and it is well connected with other cities of Himachal. One can also get direct buses from Delhi and Chandigarh. The onward journey from Rohru is a little difficult to cover, you have to hire a taxi to cover the 40km distance till Jangrik. Getting shared jeeps to Chirgaon and then another till your final destination is also an option. Another way to reach is to hitchhike. There is a dam under-construction at Jangrik and vehicles going there can give you lift till the dam, you will have to walk the rest of the distance.

Difficulty level

The trek is of moderate difficulty. It is said by the locals only those who are called upon by devta can reach the lakes to signify it difficulty level. Although a lot of botanist in their 50s have completed this trek.


The trail passes through wilderness and sometimes it gets hard to find through thick alpine forest. So, this is to be done with trek organisers and guides only. Organisers like Himalayanfootslog and Indiahikes do this trek at around ₹12000, Shimla to Shimla, inclusive of all the equipment, guide, camping and meals.

Trek route

Janglik - Dayara Thach - Litham Thach - Chandranahan - Litham Thach - Simir Thach - Janglik

When to do it

This trek can be done anytime during the year. The glacial ponds are sparkling blue during summertime and the waterfall looks majestic. During winters the trail is covered in snow and the lakes & waterfall is completely frozen.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1

Janglik - Dayara Thach - Litham Thach

The trek begins from the trail going up the village and goes through the pine forest. After few hours of trekking you will reach beautiful meadows with view of majestic peaks. The trek till Dayara Thach takes 3-4 hours and it takes about the same time to reach Litham Thach from there. If you start at 5:00am or 6:00am from Janglik you can reach Litham Thach by 3:00pm. You can see the huge waterfall from Litham.

Day 2

Litham Thach - Chandranahan - Litham Thach

This is the toughest day of the trek, you have to climb along the 40 metre waterfall and reach the lakes feeding the waterfall. Once you reach the top you can see the glacier feeding the group of lakes. The trail becomes level with mild ascent at some parts. You will be awed by the beauty of crystal clears lakes, located at a distance of few minutes from each other. You have to head back to your camps at Litham Thach before sun sets.

Day 3

Litham Thach - Simir Thach - Janglik

You start you return trek on this day. The trail is going to be mostly descending and comparatively easier than the rest of the days. If you wish you can camp at Simir Thach or you can go all the way till Janglik.

It totally depends on you, how long do you want to stretch this trek. It can be done in 3 days but if you want you can do it in 4 or 5 days as well.

What to pack

Trek Shoes: Carrying good quality anti skid and waterproof trek shoes is a must as the terrain is going to be tough.

Backpack: A 40-50 litre backpack is required to carry all your essential for the trek.

Clothing: Multiple layers of clothing with some woollens are required for summer. Heavy woollens and thermals are recommended for winters.

Accessories: Sunglasses, cap, sunscreen with high SPF, moisturiser and toiletries.

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