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Galle is pronounced as ‘Gall’ like ‘Ball’ and if you are a cricket fan you may know this from the famous cricket stadium located here in Sri Lanka. I had never heard about it. It sounded so weird to me, like “is this all this place has to offer?” but it had reviews for being a very nice tourist destination, so I put it on my list. I was not disappointed.If you want to talk about cultural coalescence you may expect more of Indianness in Sri Lanka or even English here since this was one of their crown colonies, but Dutch?Here is a fun fact! Sri Lanka has been colonized thrice in its lifetime. First by the Portuguese who gave the name ‘Ceilao’, then by the Dutch and finally by Englishmen who changed the name to ‘Ceylon’ post which they gained their independence in 1948 and became Sri Lanka. And Galle became the place where Dutch landed and made it their port. The sure did it with a lot of taste.

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