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The newest among the villages of Cinque Terre is Vernazza. This village was completely drowned in a flood in 2011. The drastic soil erosion that followed forced a total renovation and the complete rebuilding of the place from scratch. Due to this unfortunate incident, there are not many hotels in Vernazza and cost of living is a little pricey when compared to the other villages. But there is no lack of beautiful and colored churches and buildings in Vernazza, accompanied by its small harbor. A great number of handicrafts are available here. We went into a shop named 'Stories in Italy' adorned with many drawings of Cinque Terre. On inquiring, we came to know that the drawings were not for sale, a sad thing! And it seems that the store owner Michelle Greco's husband drew those pictures. The items for sale were actually the displayed Jewelry, which was exclusively made from materials brought in from various parts of Italy. Michelle is of American Origin, who fell in love with her artist husband from Cinque Terre and finally chose to stay here. Quite a fascinating story.Vernazza has two viewpoints, and when looked from there we can find two entirely different faces of it, needless to say that the second view point does the Job of revealing the real beauty of Vernazza with such grace. While climbing up the hill, I was able to see the train moving down the tunnel, which very much resembled a snake coming out its resting place. Although there were churches in every village we visited, I took a personal liking towards the ones in Vernazza. Right when we arrived there, a holy mass was happening. After the mass, the gathering came to an end with an elderly man playing the piano so beautifully. When we walked up the stairway adjoining the harbor, we got near a fort named 'Castello doria', which is really old. Now only the remnants of the fort are seen, in addition to a circular tower hovering over.

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