Cinque Terre's Magic

31st Mar 2016
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 1/6 by Vikas Badiger
Rio Maggiore
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 2/6 by Vikas Badiger
The 1st of the 5 hamlets
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 3/6 by Vikas Badiger
View throughout the hike
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 4/6 by Vikas Badiger
Colourful Vernazza
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 5/6 by Vikas Badiger
Top of the tallest hotel in Vernazza
Photo of Cinque Terre's Magic 6/6 by Vikas Badiger
She did pose for me


Cinque Terre, being a UNESCO World Heritage site exceeds all expectations. This place is full of culture, vibrant houses, wine tasting shops, breathtaking views of the coast and wonderful people. What makes this place a "Must hike" is those small passages along the streets of every town and the rough terrain with the sea beside you.

How to get there - Reach La Spezia station. Once there you can catch the local train that takes roughly 15 minutes to the first town of Riomaggiore. Then you can decide to visit the towns either by foot/train/bus but my personal suggestion would be the hike. The difficulty of the hike is some where moderate to high as it goes on. 

What to do - Apart from getting lost in each of the five towns and hiking through all of them, you should definitely visit a restaurant with a coastal view for a wine tasting session. If you are bibliophile, then a coffee with your favourite book on an evening is all you need. If you are a photographer, wait for the sunset to capture amazing landscapes and talk to people there. Tell them about your experiences in Italy. They are a brilliant bunch of people. 

Whilst concluding, I never imagined Cinque Terre with automatically be in my bucket list amidst all the other attractions in Italy. If you have any other info for me or the readers here please leave a comment below. 

La Spezia, Italy This is the transition station between Pisa and Cinque Terre. We buy a whole day's ticket for Cinque terre and get a map of all the 5 towns.
Riomaggiore is one of the first of the five hamlets in Cinque Terre. It was a 15 minute train from La Spezia and once we got there, The town stretches along a vertical axe where steep staircases are the only means to move around the town. The houses are vibrant and typically one to two floors. The origins of Riomaggiore is dated back to the 8th century.
Photo of Riomaggiore, Province of La Spezia, Italy by Vikas Badiger
Vernazza, has been rated one of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Italy and it did make sense as to why it is. With the vibrant houses and the perfect aqua blue sea water. It is a dream destination for any hiker. Yes. we hiked through Corniglia for an hour and a half to reach Vernazza with stunning views of the sea beside.
Photo of Vernazza, Province of La Spezia, Italy by Vikas Badiger
Photo of Vernazza, Province of La Spezia, Italy by Vikas Badiger
The hike from Corniglia to Vernazza was the best hikes I have had. Tough terrains, small passages, unknown insects but to top this all a coastal view while you are hiking. We saw people from all ages hiking through this and what everyone told in the end was "It's worth it". That pretty much sums up the hike.
Photo of Corniglia, Province of La Spezia, Italy by Vikas Badiger