Sundarban National Park


Journey of Sundarban National Park from Kolkata

Sundarban is a protected area for tigers and other wildlife. The sundarban tour package gives a chance to experience for observing nature. Initially, the reason for the creation of the protected area was not so much the unique mangroves as the Bengal tiger - as its rarest and most valuable inhabitant. To protect this species, in 1973, a reserve was organized on the Indian part of Sundarban, which later received the status of a biosphere. In addition to the rare and needing special protection Bengal tiger, huge combed crocodiles, dolphins, deer, primates, a fantastic variety of birds and other animals live here. The fact that these vast jungles are teeming with mosquitoes, snakes, tigers, and crocodiles has a beneficial effect on their conservation.

Both the local population and representatives of the British colonial administration preferred to bypass these places. Of course, in terms of tourism, the mangrove forests of Sundarban are not the most attractive places, but they play a massive role in maintaining biodiversity and maintaining the ecological balance between the anthropogenic and natural landscapes of this densely populated region.

Do not forget about the protective role of Sundarban. These vast forests are a defensive zone that saves the continental parts of the region, including the metropolis of Calcutta, from powerful tropical cyclones and tsunami waves.

Photo of Sundarban National Park 1/1 by Biswanath Naskar