A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 1

16th Jan 2019

Love for Nature 

Photo of A Trip to Yercaud in Winter- Day 1 by Aravind Balamurugan
Day 1

This story is all about three friends going on a trip from Chennai to Yercaud for three days during winter. So we started from Chennai Railway station around 6 AM, I never thought the Express train would be so much packed even on a weekday, God we booked the tickets in advance. Got to our seats and finished our breakfast, this is a five to six hour journey and we were crippling for our space. We started talking about our past, going down your memory lane during your journey is something we should experience. We trio been friends since our school days so we had a lot to go down our memory lane and it was the best way to kill the 6 hours journey time also not to forget about the hot tomato soup to charge us then and there. We reached Salem Junction around 12 pm , its a 35 km drive from Salem to Yercaud. so after a lots of confusion we decided to take Government bus from Salem to Yercaud (Ticket price around Rs 30 per Head). We reached Yercaud around 3 PM and it was such a good journey so far. After recharging, this time Meal was the source we reached Oyo Hotel and planned to go out but all we did was sleeping. Yes! Slept and once we got up it was already 7 PM we managed to ask the Hotelier to fix us with a dinner and he was more gracious to do so along with a Rs 50 Extra charge we understood and paid him(No Nearby restaurants). We went out for a walk, it was pitch dark and all we had was our phone torch light and crank operator torch light. It was the walk of our life, surrounded by huge trees (Mostly eucalyptus), no street lights and 10 deg temperature with no sign of human life nearby.We three lived in city our entire life so it was all new, we headed back to our room after we heard some hiss'n and howling sound, stopped nowhere headed right to the room. After-some time headed to the terrace and watched shinning stars in complete silence with the passing clouds. End of Day one!