Tezpur Tourism and Travel Guide

On the northern banks of Brahmaputra we can find Tezpur, the fifth biggest city of the state of Assam. Called as the 'Social Capital of Assam, the old city has different myths connected with it. Remnants going back to fourth century are found in this town, which is Assam's most seasoned occupied city. The pleasant scene with snow clad Himalayan extents and tea greenhouses set aside a few minutes are the most loved ones for sightseers. No big surprise, it was favored by the British who ruled India. The term Tezpur implies town of blood. The city obtained its name inferable from a myth including one of the leaders of Tezpur. Sonitpur locale for which Tezpur is the base camp, has 73 tea patio nurseries and that incorporates the greatest tea garden on the planet. Appreciate the quintessence of society and the kind of tea while you are in Tezpur.
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