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Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram, India
The ChurchMizoram observes Sunday as a closed holiday on which all shops and everything in the city closed down and everyone goes to the church for prayers. The State has got churches in every street and the religious teachings are so much systematic that they even have proper attendance register of each citizen. They also conduct separate teachings for children and adults.  The people are so bonded  towards their religion that infants to old and poor to rich, all comes under same roof and do the prayer together, sing together and even dance together… the unity and coherence in the society shows the depth and substance in their belief towards their culture. Hence, one must visit the church on Sunday to witness the true society of the place. Sitting with them, hearing their prayers and teachings by the father, and everyone singing in unison will give you immense peace from within.
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16 Km from Main Town, Aizawl

About Aizawl

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, works at its own pace. As a tourist you may not find much to do here, but as a traveller looking for an alternate lifestyle, this may be your escape into solitude or into an untouched part of nature. Aizawl has many attractions located close to each other. A road trip is highly recommended to enjoy all of them. For romantics, the KV Memorial or Mizo Taj and Phulpui grave are enchanting. Bara Bazar and the main handicrafts market offer you an insight into the typical Mizo way of life. The Mizoram State Museum in the centre of Aizawl is an option for those interested in the cultural history of the place, showcasing ancient relics, traditional dresses and others. To experience Mizo life closely, you can't miss out on a stay at the Reiek Heritage Village. Spend some time at the Tamdil lake and Vantawang falls for magnificent views. If you are around in September and February, celebrate local festivals such as the Anthurium Festival and Chapchar Kut Festival.

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Best time to visit Aizawl is from October to May

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