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, the Andaman and Nicobar islands...

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Havelock Island

Surreal sights and the best of nature’s bounty is what one gets to see at Havelock Island. Dressed in tropical tree and silver sand, the island is a tourist’s haven and the cool blue waters washing the sand onshore is a delightful experience. The evenings here are a sight to behold with the sunning dipping in the far horizon. Havelock happens to be the largest of all the islands in the Andaman chain with palm trees and white beaches offering beach lovers an experience of a lifetime. The presence of a coral and marine life along the coastline of Havelock island makes diving possible and there are many other water activities that one can indulge in.
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Radhanagar Beach

This beach happens to be the most popular one out of the many beaches that dot Havelock Island. What is so good about this beach is that it is kept very clean even though it is so popular and is visited by tourists on a daily basis, in large numbers. The sight of the white sands in contrast with the blue waters of the ocean is the perfect retreat for those who need a break from the humdrum of daily life. At Radhanagar beach one should expect to find a number of water sports planned by the department of tourism. This includes snorkeling, boat rides, underwater diving to witness the marine life and much more. As a matter of fact, this beach is famous for the water based activities that keep tourist engaged for days.
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About Andaman and Nicobar

8. Great Andamanese TribeGreat Andamanese is the negrito tribe inhabitant in the Andaman group of Islands. They form the largest population among the other tribes found in these islands. Their diverse culture of these tribes of India is a unique feature. Jeru, Khora, and Andamani Hindi are the major languages spoken by the Great Andamanese.They have been hunters for many centuries. They are also seen cultivating vegetables for their livelihood. They have also established poultry farms. They are good artisans and prepare their own ornaments, baskets, tools and Earthern pots. Some folk dances can even be witnessed in the cultural programs during the famous Island Tourism Festival. Music is more prominent among the locals living in the Andaman Islands. They are very fond of their music and thus, do not pay much consideration to other styles. Even among the Andamanese, the music styles differ from tribe to tribe.Recommendation:During summer, an ideal destination would be “Seven Sisters” of the northeast, where many tribal villages are perched under the shadows of the Himalayas. The western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are best seen between November and February when travelers can combine tribal visits with desert camel treks before the mercury rises in early spring.When planning a tribal tour, look for opportunities to sample local cuisine, hear live music, attend a festival or see traditional folk dancing.India’s tribes are known for their craftsmanship. Look for bamboo crafts among Jharkhand’s Santhal tribe, metal jewelry and naturally dyed cotton saris in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar region and vibrant textiles in Orissa. If you visit Rajasthan’s tribe, check out traditional Pithora hut painting.Be a responsible tourist and promote sustainable tourism. When visiting tribes, it is important to consider whether your actions are considered supportive or exploitative by the community. Consider a home stay in a tribal village rather than staying in a hotel nearby, and whenever possible hire local guides and buy items directly from local merchants.India’s tribal areas are not immune to communal and political tension. Avoid travel to tribal areas during national or local electoral campaigns and major religious holidays, particularly those of minority religious groups. Before planning your trip to tribal India, browse Indian and international media to see if there are any issues for concern.They are still residing away from the chaos of the city and town in the calm and peaceful place where people still believe in living a simple life just like their ancestors do. Embark on an incredible journey to the tribal places in India and have a close view of the long-standing culture and traditions of the country, which continues to persevere in its primitive surroundings!This post was originally published on 'Excursionistsite'.

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Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar is from December to March
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