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in Colombo and then to Bentota... - After lunch, we headed to Bentota...

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, then a day at the beach in Bentota.... But, we liked Bentota... plans and stayed in Bentota... in Colombo, we reached Bentota...

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Bentota Beach

An unexploited beach, known for its sea sports.
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Wunderbar Beach Club

By this time my family had joined me in Sri Lanka and were staying at the Wunderbar Beach Club Hotel in Bentota. We went and spent an afternoon with them there. Nice waterfront place at a spot where the beach is very deep. They have a turtle hatchery attached! So you get to see baby turtles! Turtles are endangered in Sri Lanka as the eggs are a local delicacy in an omelette (and any way, a tiny percentage of the laid eggs make it to the sea as it is naturally). So there are various hatcheries and organisations helping out by buying the eggs at above market price and helping regenerate the turtle population. Super cute little turtles that you can even play with (though we felt that would be mean). The chicken curry at the Wunderbar was very very good. We had it "local" spicy and it was mindblowing. Couldn't finish it. Had to call in the back up, got my teenage brother to help out. He had one bite and asked if he could have a drink :-) Yummy!
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About Bentota

Bentota - After lunch, we headed to Bentota. It was good 1.5hrs drive from Colombo. The place has a serene beach, water sports, turtle farm etc. We had an amazing time by the sea. There is a small turtle farm called as Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation.


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