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Founded by Raghunatha I of the Malla Dynasty, this is a town and municipality in the Bankura District. This town is mainly known for the beautiful terra cotta work and the Baluchari Sarees that are made here. In fact the terra cotta work here is the best around Eastern India that has withstood the ravages of time. The unique design and architecture of the temples here is known as the Bishnupuri designs. This place was initially not named Bishnupur. It came to be known by this name after the name of Lord Vishnu. Most of the people here belong to the Vaishnava Sect.
3 Days
Trip to Bishnupur and Jhilimili

On 10th march, 2015 we four boarded the Howrah-Purulia Express at 5 pm from the Howrah station. W...

Mustak Ali
1 Day
Bishnupur – Paragons in terracotta

I have been wanting to cover Bishnupur for a quite some time now. Bishnupur is home to some of th...

Arunabha Majumdar
5 Days
Bishnupur's Temples and Horses

The best way to see the famous terracotta temples in Bishnupur is to start early in the day. Eat ...

Sarbajaya Bhattacharya
1 Day
Bishnupur: The land of Terracotta Temples

My fondness for ancient architecture took me to the town of terracotta temples, Bishnupur. I spen...

Kaveri Mayra
2 Days
These Historical Places around Kolkata Will Let You Time-travel into the Past

If you are one of those who secretly wish to time-travel to medieval ages or even before that, th...

Shramana Purkayastha
5 Days
Manipur: The jewel of India

Delhi- Imphal- Kaina- Andro- Moreh- Tamu (Myanmar)- Ukhrul- Moirang- Keibul lamjao National Park-...

Onkar Tendulkar

Loukoipat Ecological Park
NH-150, Loktak Lake, 8 Km from The Main City Junction, Bishnupur

Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,May,June,August,September,October,November,December
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