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COMMUTING IN BOULDER Commuting in Boulder is a minor issue if you're a tourist....

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the bridge and the observatory and the posers city lights make us go crazy the room with the 'view' lake Mead posers!!...

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Gregory Canyon, Boulder, CO 80302, USA
Gregory Canyon, located between the first Flatiron and Gregory Canyon, is one of the best hiking areas in Boulder. The approximately 5 mile trail ascends over 1500 feet and offers astounding views of the Front Range, Continental Divide and the town of Boulder below. The initial ascent is steep and rocky but after awhile the trail gives way to rolling hills and heavily forested areas that are a riot of wildflowers in the summer time
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Weekend Getaways from Boulder  

Manitou Springs – FREEThis is a neat little town that is totally touristy. There are several restaurants and tons of shops, even a huge indoor/outdoor arcade along the main drag. There is an authentic Moroccan restaurant called Tajine Alami that is amazing. We have been to Morocco and I often crave the food and attempt to make it on my own, and it's not bad. But, we couldn't pass up this place. The inside is spectacular and is completely authenticly Moroccan. We felt like we were back in Morocco. The owner and chef are Moroccan and the food is divine. You may be leary to spend that much money on food you're not familiar with but I say go for it, you won't be disappointed. Even my two picky-eater boys devoured everything and even resorted to eating off our plates.


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