Bratislava Tourism & Travel Guide

4 Days
Bratislava: A Guide to the Best Things to Do

It’s hard to know what to expect when going to Bratislava. Is it a poor ex-communist indust...

Anna Krahn
Bratislava: For an offbeat stopover in Europe!

I am sure you came across this article searching for offbeat things to do, offbeat experiences, o...

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Wandering through the streets of the offbeat Bratislava: A photo essay

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, sits at a cusp of old-world charm and newer, modern art...

Diksha Sahni Ghosh
6 Days
Bratislava - City of Cafes, restaurants, cobbled streets and amazing architecture

Bratislava: I got down at the Poprad railway station at around 1:00PM and went around the counte...

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How to spend an afternoon in Bratislava? On the boat!

One of the best options, how to spend an afternoon in Bratislava is to combine the voyage and vis...

From Estonia To Slovakia: An Indian Girl's Guide To Backpacking Around Eastern Europe

An incredible view of Old Town Tallinn. Credit: Sharmistha ChaudhuriTravellers often head to Euro...

Sharmistha Chaudhuri

From elegant architecture to aromatic cafes, from magnificent palaces to dramatic operas, the city of Vienna portrays royal connection in it's every aspect. 'Wien' as they call in German is a hometown to famous Mozart and Beethoven.Though my short stint with the city was not enough to explore the musically and artistically pleasing capital of Austria, I really wanted to make best of it to see as much as I could.In Vienna, I ditched the expensive hotel rooms and choose to stay at Airbnb home-stays. It was homely, cozy and really cheap. Located in the heart of the city here's a glance of my room.
Budapest is the capital of Hungary and a beautiful city that took my breath away instantly. It has bustling markets, beautiful river-front, delicious food and crazy people. I met and made friends with two really amazing girls and had fun beyond imagination. When in Budapest, watch out for these things -1. Budapest nightlife is one of the best in Europe. The clubs are open till 5am and you can dance till your last breath.
This post is one of the most difficult post I ever had to write because I don’t know If I can do justice to the place, the suffering, the inhuman activities which took place in Auschwitz.Let me tell you something which I'm very embarrassed about. I didn’t know about concentration camps until I was 20 and visited Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich. I knew who Hitler was but I had no clue what he did and how he did those things. I felt sorry for myself and for everyone else who didn’t know about the Holocaust. This part of history should never be forgotten, because those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.
Croatia’s capital is an underrated destination waiting to be explored. It is not as popular as Dubrovnik or Split, but is a quintessential metropolitan city combining elegant 19th century buildings with plenty of cultural divisions and a vibrant cafe life. It is a great place to discover charming boutiques selling unique dresses, shopping for souvenirs, and tasting local delicacies. It is also a good place to visit undulating hills and charming villages nearby.

About Bratislava

We started at 9 am from Vienna and went on with our trip to Bratislava , the capital of Slovakia . A picturesque drive through huge roads with farmlands and windmills looking down upon you and waving goodbye . We reached this wonderful place . A lot of history is embedded into this city as the guide told us . The beautiful cobblestone roads and dimly lit alleys , the graffiti on the walls . It's a different charm altogether . After describing a brief history of the place through the streets we were taken to the town square where we spend good time and we're taken to the Linder hotel . Now I can't skip mentioning this part . We luckily got a room on the 10th floor of this hotel , one of the best properties I have ever stayed in . The hotel connects to a mall , which allows you ample shopping and eating opportunities if you are a foodie . The view from the room was amazing as we could see till distant horizons with a glass of wine from the balcony. Bratislava will be remembered .

Best Time To Visit Bratislava

Best time to visit Bratislava is from April to September

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