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Day 4: last day at Chandipur....

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This place is 30 KM away from Chandipur beach....

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Remuna Town, 9 Km From Balasore, Chandipur

About Chandipur

Chandipur is a popular beach town located about 16 km from Balasore in Odisha. The beautiful beach town on the shores of Bay of Bengal is known for its unusual tidal waves. What also greets you at Chandipur are rows and rows of fisherman going about their daily chores. A pleasant sight, it also implies delicious and fresh sea food delicacies! The sea here recedes anywhere between 1 to 5 km during ebb tide and slowly makes it way back to the coastline. It's the perfect time to collect rare sea shells that you perhaps will not find anywhere! But be cautious when exploring the beach since there is a sudden dip in the ocean floor and you may get hurt.

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