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Philly is a bit warm compared to Detroit however it felt pleasant....

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Credit: Wikimedia Commons Credit: Wikipedia Michigan Central Station, Detroit, Michigan, United States The Michigan Central Station was pushed into service in 1914 and, at the time of its construction, was the tallest rail station in the world....

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The Piazza dei Miracoli was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO 25 years ago. The square is not located in the center of the city as you might imagine but to the north-west of the fortified wall, almost out of the town; there probably wasn’t enough space to use at the time the project got underway so this is the site decided upon. Since the times of the Etruscans, the three structures found in the piazza have been considered central to religious life, symbolizing the main stages of a human’s life: the Baptistery represents birth, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore life and the graveyard of course alludes to death. The square is surrounded by a beautiful green lawn where tourists and university students can lie down and relax in this amazing setting.
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Canadian Club whisky boasts of 100% rye distillation. Where most rye-based whiskies are blends of multiple grains, Canadian Club uses a single grain. It is rightly ranked as one of the top 10 whiskies in the world.
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