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I was at Guwahati for the purpose of an internship and it just struck me one day that the Bhutan Border is just nearby. So I planned a short visit to the border just for the sake of "stepping out of my country" ( or at least I can boast!!!). The distance was nearly 85 kms and I knew that return buses are difficult to get post afternoon. So I set off early in the morning.I reached my nearby bus stop (which was at the northern bank of Guwahati) by around 5:30 am and soon I got in a bus to Rangia. It took nearly an hour to reach there. Rangia is a small town from where one could catch the bus to the border. A bus was departing at 7 am and I grabbed a seat in it. I had read in various articles that the road to the border was one among one of the worst roads in India. I was a bit worried about that. But the worries all vanished as the bus journey began. The road was in excellent condition (probably tarred very lately) till the very end. On the way I saw many shops where petrol was for sale in plastic bottles. The rate of petrol is less in the Bhutan side and hence these people buys petrol from there and sells it with an increased rate here (obviously less than the rate of petrol on Indian side). Quite clever business tactic. As the bus was nearing the border, huge hills started to appear in front of me. Those are the parts of Bhutan. The area till the foot of those hills are part of India and as soon as the ascent starts, it is Bhutan. The bus took me till Darangamela, just 1 km away from the border. The entire bus journey cost me only ₹90.

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