El Nido Tourism & Travel Guide

3 Days
Budget Travel Guide to El Nido, Philippines

We did not expect that the booking we made last March was to fall on days that heavy rains was po...

Kaiye and Abee
Emancipated by ethereal El Nido

'El Nido, I'm here at last', I whispered to the evening wind as I was calming my abdominal cram...

8 Days
Solo Trip to El Nido, Philippines

I was relieved when the driver finally said we’ve reached El Nido after the 6-hour bus ride...

3 Days
El Nido | Island-Hopping our Way to Paradise

The world is such a beautiful place. And, without a doubt, El Nido holds a big chunk of its beaut...

Kim Buenafe
El Nido Palawan! Philippine heaven on Earth.

El Nido Palawan is the most beautiful place we have EVER seen. It is true. We lack words to ...

karolina patryk
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Aakanksha Magan

Seven Commando Beach
El Nido, Palawan Island
Small Lagoon
El Nido, Palawan Island
Big Lagoon
El Nido, Palawan Island
Matinloc Island
El Nido, El Nido, Palawan Island
Nacpan Beach
El Nido, Palawan Island

About El Nido

El Nido is a small touristy town in the Philippines. We were staying at the heart of El Nido. We took a tricycle to the Las Cabanas beach which costs roughly around 50 PHP (70 Rs). However, we had to take a short steep trek from the roadside to get to the starting point of the Zip Line. We had a choice of flying ‘the Superman position’ or the ‘sitting position’ in addition to our choice of one-way/two-way routes. We zip-lined from one island to another with a Panoramic view of gorgeous turquoise-blue Las Cabanas beach right below. The experience was exhilarating! Once at the other side, we climbed down the bamboo staircase and walked along the shallow beach with knee deep water to get back to the Las Cabanas beach.

Best Time To Visit El Nido

Best time to visit El Nido is from December to April
El Nido

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