Hpa-an Tourism & Travel Guide

18 Days
Backpacking & Roadtripping across Myanmar

Myanmar has recently opened itself to tourism and the curiosity about this unexplored destination...

Anirudh Gupta
11 Days
Backpacking South East Asia: Untouched Myanmar

Sometimes the easiest way to define something is by way of contrast. As we walked the long bridge...

Arundhati Sridhar

About Hpa-An

This place was so beautiful. It's not on the tourist map and you will find only backpackers here. There is no wifi in the entire town which adds to the charm of this small little town. We arrived in Hpa-an in the evening and then stayed at the Soe Brothers Guest House. I really recommend this place to stay as you will meet a lot of backpackers and also they have an amazing tour across Hpa-an that I must recommend. The tour lasts an entire day and you can see some of the pictures from the tour in the main gallery. It will take you to many picturesque villages and caves. In the evening you can go to a nearby hill to watch the sunset. You have to take a small boat ride and can get the directions from your hotel.

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