Things to Do in Janakpur - Itineraries

1 Day
Kesaria, Bihar - the highest stupa of the world !!

Kesaria Stupa! Birthplace of empires, emperors, religion, legendary universities, s...

Vineet Kumar
Nepal's magnificent lakes in the lap of Himalayas

Nepal is an awesome country with Majestic Himalayas, Magical Atmosphere, and Marvelous culture. J...

Amritsar ( Balle Balle!!! ) and Dharamshala

Went on a family holiday recently after ages. It has been our desire to visit the Golden Temple a...

Anushree Tricannad
1 Day
Rupees 250 tariff paid to travel from Jammu to Kashmir

Yesss!! The money I paid to travel from Jammu to Srinagar was only 250 Rs for a distance of 300km...

Anil Kumar
1 Day
Leh Chale Hum!!!

Inspired to by many bloggers who share their experience of this eternal road trip, we started pla...

Sumanth Kumar
8 Days
Nepal: Beyond the Himalayan Mountains

Nepal, a small landlocked country between India and China, is a world hub for mountaineers. The c...

Nupur Pradhan

Khumbu Glacier
Sagarmatha National Park
Everest View Point
Kyangjuma, Sagarmatha National Park
Chukhung, at the end of trek route which leads from Namche to Chukhung, Sagarmatha National Park


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